About us


PROGRESSUM, a dream of some young professionals who had successfully started off their careers in the field of placement training. It is the passion towards the work that we did, made us to think and decide to start a venture of our own by helping the future generation to pursue a career they had dream of.

Over the past two years, PROGRESSUM has become one of Kerala’s leading training and placement development service providers. PROGRESSUM was founded in 2020 when a word CORONA, that has made the world pause, the humans to think value of their life and created an unstable condition in global economy. The pandemic had left people jobless and a fear in the mind of youngsters (UG / PG students) especially the final years about their dream career and the heavy competition outside.

From our experience, we have discovered that along with technical learning, it is very important for the students to get trained in soft skills and aptitude training as well. In order to accomplish this at the right time we are providing tailor made courses to every level of students or institutions in a most innovative way.


There is no fixed syllabus for any students, PROGRESSUM always willing to design customized syllabus and training methodology based on student’s requirement and knowledge level.

Our trainers are highly qualified and motivated career guidance trainers with experience in training large group across different states. Proven success in leveraging educational theories and methodologies to design, develop, and deliver successful training programs and integrate instructional technology to provide classroom and virtual training.

We provide them timely Mockup Tests and Sample Interviews, thereby enabling each student to determine the area of their weakness and helping them to overcome that. The personal feedbacks that we received from our students have helped us to fine tune the courses as per the student comfort as well as the industry requirements.

Our Clients